Rip-It 2013 Prototype BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat - B1303 (-3)– HIT A Double

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  • Rip-It 2013 Prototype BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat - B1303 (-3) - Baseball Bats - Hit A Double

Rip-It 2013 Prototype BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat - B1303 (-3)

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Manufacturer's Number: B130331

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Bat Size:31" /28 oz



Bat Size:32" /29 oz



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400 day warranty Size and Weight
Length: 31in - 32in - 33in - 34in
Weight: 28oz - 29oz - 30oz - 31oz
Weight Balance: Power Balanced
Weight Drop: -3
Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8" Alloy
Approved for play in High School and NCAA
BBCOR certified

Prototype. Swing more for less.
With its new Acoustic barrel, R1 alloy, and Contact grip, the new Prototype BBCOR baseball bat will have you wondering how you ever hit with anything else. Plus, with a price of only $199 high performance hitting has never been this accessible to players everywhere. Upgrade to amazing for less than you can imagine.

Thinner walls for faster swings.
Our new R1 alloy allows us to produce the walls of the Acoustic barrel extremely thin, yet exceptionally durable. For the new Prototype BBCOR bats this resulted in our ability to create BBCOR certified bats that had barrel flexibility beyond that of the Prototype II. The result is a better feel, better contact, and increased distance on nearly every hit.

Wider sweet spot.
The new Acoustic barrel is a major advance in the barrel performance of BBCOR baseball bats. This new technology creates a sweet spot that is noticeably larger than the Prototype II and makes these new BBCOR certified bats simply amazing to hit with.

R1. Amazing starts with the best materials.
The new Prototype BBCOR baseball bats use the same advanced R1 alloy as the Prototype Senior League and BBCOR AIR. This high end aluminum allows us to manufacture the Prototype BBCOR bat in ways that push its performance to a whole new level. The result is a manufacturing consistency than can only come from quality materials and the very latest in manufacturing technology.

Contact grip.
Feel the contact, not the sting. The new Prototype BBCOR baseball bats includes the most advanced grip ever put on a certified BBCOR baseball bat. The Contact grip is designed to provide excellent grip, incredible vibration elimination, and extreme durability.

The Prototype BBCOR baseball bats were designed so vibration from poor contact flows from the Acoustic barrel, down the taper, and into the Contact grip in a way that eliminates the vibration frequencies that cause discomfort.

Performing flawlessly, together.
Every piece of the new Prototype BBCOR baseball bats were designed to work together to provide you with the very best performance possible. Built with the latest technology, the new BBCOR bat lets you make contact like never before.

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